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Not all Methods of Castration by Ligation are Equal

Properly tensioned band is critical

St. Francis, Kan. - Proper tension is essential in ligating a body part. Studies of high-tension banding have demonstrated that the complete negation of blood flow triggers a natural analgesic effect that reduces pain, while minimizing swelling and related complications. This effect is called compression analgesic.

Compression analgesic was the term used by researchers in New Zealand when developing a humane and drug-free method of velvet antler removal. Without a band placed below the antler pedicle, the level of pain when removing the antler was excruciating (full body movement); with a properly tensioned Callicrate VELVET ANTLER Band, the level of pain was undetectable (no eye movement).

The Callicrate WEE Bander, as with the Callicrate SMART Bander and the Callicrate PRO Bander, also provides compression analgesic. It is the only castration tool for newborns that achieves a level of tension sufficient to shut off the blood supply, while providing immediate pain relief.  Proper tension is achieved with every application.

Managing stress is especially important with calves, lambs, and kids in developing healthy immune systems essential to a healthy drug-free life.  Another advantage of the WEE Bander - you do not have to worry about incomplete castration when a testicle slips back up above the band. Keeping both testicles below the band with the elastrator pliers and ‘cheerio’ rings is a challenge.

The elastrator ring is inexpensive but fails to provide sufficient tension for either proper ligation or pain relief.  Other castration products on the market are either bigger versions of the elastrator ring or depend on operator hand strength for tightening, failing to provide the proper tension.

Callicrate Banders, recommended by veterinarians and animal handling specialists worldwide since 1995, are the most humane and effective castration tools on the market.   Due to emphasis on high-tension ligation, the banders excel at achieving a tight band every time. Easy-to-read tension indicators ensure the correct tightness, essential to minimizing discomfort and reducing complications.