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Callicrate VELVET ANTLER Bander™ Kit

Callicrate VELVET ANTLER Bander™ Kit

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Item #4100 - 1 6x 9 x 8

Callicrate VELVET ANTLER Bander™,
Timer, Cutter
Utility Knife
Safety Glasses

The Callicrate VELVET ANTLER Bander™ is used by deer and elk producers.  The VELVET ANTLER Bander™ applies a special VELVET ANTLER latex band at the base of the antler pedicle, providing pain relief, known as compression analgesia, during antler removal and other deer antler procedures.  The band is removed following antler removal, allowing regrowth.  The VELVET ANTLER Bander™ with its unique compression analgesia, offers a drug-free, humane and less painful method for removing antlers.  It is a farmer-friendly approach that addresses both food purity and animal welfare issues.  The VELVET ANTLER Bander™ comes in a carrying case with a timer, cutter, utility knife, and safety glasses.